What you get.

  • Exceptional personalized music synchronization services.
  • Music consulting for ad campaigns, events and special media projects.
  • Music consulting & supervision for TV, film & video game soundtracks.
  • Music proposals from up-to-date catalogues of countless songs and instrumentals.
  • Rights negotiation & licensing for existing recordings strengthened by our liaisons with over 200 record labels & music publishers around the world.
  • Bespoke music creation from our talented team of artists.
  • Audio post production services to high standards: Sound design, mixing, ADR and foley.

Collaborating with composers and music catalogues across the globe, we take great pride in our excellent service that always takes into account the singularities of each project.

How we do it.

We are experts with unparalleled & sophisticated knowledge of music recordings. We keep up-to-date with the latest music trends and have access to the best music resources, artists, bands and composers in the world.

We are fast, cost effective and efficient. We respond immediately to all requests. We understand budgets and deadlines and guarantee excellent pricing for every project. What's more, we are also able to propose alternatives that can be even more effective; e.g. why content yourself with composing when the perfect track for your project is out there, with the right lyrics, too and at an unbelievably obtainable price?

We are totally unbiased in our search for the best music for your project, since we are not affiliated with any record label, publishing company or even recording studio.