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What services does Music For Ads offer and how will I benefit by collaborating with it?

Music For Ads specializes in consulting for ad campaigns, events and special media projects, consulting & supervision for TV, film & video game soundtracks. We offer music solutions from up-to-date catalogues, rights negotiation & licensing services for existing recordings and bespoke music creation from our talented team of artists. By collaborating with Music For Ads, you capitalize from our high level of expertise, knowledge, contacts and resources in the field of music synchronization business.

Which are Music For Ads resources and business assets?

Music For Ads has vast experience in consulting and music clearance & licensing, as well as valuable connections with a lard number of record and publishing companies. Having licensed thousands of tracks with more than 500 companies (major and independent record labels), is a proof of its effectiveness, flexibility and competitive pricing in all kinds of synchronization projects. Whatever your project may be (advertisement, movie, etc.), our highly skilled musicians can compose the perfect soundtrack for it. Based on the exact needs of your project, our upcoming and established composers that we collaborate with are capable of creating the ideal music for it. We also handle several production music catalogues which are a valuable source for immediate solutions (pre-cleared music rights) at low prices, and we are even capable of searching for you. Although all the above services can be offered only digitally, Music For Ads is not a web platform. Personal contact by any means is of great value to us and a critical element for a fruitful cooperation.

What kind of music solutions (which music styles) are available in case someone collaborates with Music For Ads?

The extensive music knowledge of our music consultants in all music genres enables them to offer remarkable sync services even in cases of Intricate music clearance and licensing for original songs, covers, adaptations in different languages, etc. for any kind of media (TV, Internet, Cinema) and in any territory. Also, our international roster of noteworthy composers and musicians are able to produce exceptional results even from the most demanding and peculiar briefs given to them.

How fast are the services that Music For Ads offers?

Originating from the music and advertising business, we can understand your music requirements, whatever brief is given to us and in whichever format, even a plain idea or a simple sketch. We are quick, financially savvy and productive. We react promptly to all inquiries. We comprehend spending plans and due dates and offer competitive pricing for every project.

Do I need a sync license in order to use a song / instrumental track in my commercial production? What is the cost for this?

Yes, a sync license is required in order for a recording that someone else wrote to be used in a video format. This can happen in many platforms such as motion pictures, TV advertising, video games and corporate videos. A sync license involves both the master recording license and publishing rights, but publisher approval is needed for the use of any version of a song in an audio-visual production. Each time a piece of music is utilized, a permit is issued and the copyright holder receives a fee. The cost for a sync license depends on numerous facts and there are no set prices (this only applies in the case of production music catalogues). In each sync project we are involved in, we are responsible for contacting the master recording and publishing rights owners in order to negotiate the best possible licensing fee for our clients. For bespoke cover versions there is no master recording rights fee negotiation involved. We only have to negotiate the publishing rights fee, unless the track is in the public domain.

Is classical music copyright free?

Classical music tracks are copyright free if they are in the public domain. Such music compositions are not protected by copyright and no permission is required in order for them to be synched nor any publishing fee must be paid. In such cases it is the master recording of the track that is under protection and therefore a fee has to be paid for the use of the master recording. A piece of music is considered to be in the public domain if it meets any of the following criteria: • Its rights have expired. • The authors have explicitly put it into the public domain. • The piece was never copyright protected. Pieces of music that are not in the public domain, but are under copyright it’s illegal to: • Reproduce their music or lyrics. • Perform their music or lyrics in public. • Distribute their music or lyrics (for free, for non-profit, or for profit). • Play a recording of them or used their lyrics in public without obtaining the appropriate copyright license. • Produce a version of the music for any form of public use.

Anything else you would like to ask?

Please let us know. We are more than willing to help you in any way we can.

I am a composer and have several tracks that I believe are suitable for use in advertisements or other commercial productions. Would you be interested in receiving my compositions and how can I do this?

We are more than interested in receiving your compositions. You simply have to visit the “get in touch” or “the artists” section of our website and click on the “join now” button under the question “You are an artist, composer, music publisher or the owner of a record label?” to fill in personal details and upload your work to our server.

Once I have sent you my compositions will I receive feedback for them from you?

Once you have sent us your music, our experts will evaluate it and decide if it has licensing potentials and thus we can consider it for future projects. If so, they will categorize it and will inform and discuss with you about the policy of our company for the music tracks that we handle.

Will I be notified when you pitch any of the compositions that I have sent you?

Each time we pitch a piece of music and it is shortlisted or selected for the specific project that we have proposed it for we will contact you in order to inform you about the project’s details and discuss with you the financial terms for its licensing.

Anything else you would like to ask?

Please let us know. We are more than willing to help you in any way we can.