Greggy K (Grigoris Kollias) was born and raised in Athens, Greece. He studied classical music from a young age and holds a diploma in Music Theory with majors in Harmony, Counterpoint, and Fugue. Having completed his classical music studies, he got involved in modern music notation, film scoring, modern studies for guitar and flamenco music. He has worked in many conservatoires in Athens and Piraeus in Greece as a music teacher  and attended music technology and film music seminars. In parallel with his studies, he was a member of the English speaking band Matisse, being its principle composer. He has recorded five albums with the band (on the labels Sony & Columbia) which have also been released outside Greece and has produced albums for many artists (No profile, Agatha, Matisse, Lench etc.) as well as music for TV series.

In 2009 Greggy K created White Studio, which has hosted numerous artists while the following year he began his collaboration with Ren in the fields of music composition and music production. Together they form the band Echo Train in 2014 and won the first prize in a contest held by the music Site Jumping Fish with the song “Fire”, which became a radio hit. This was followed by the band’s debut Memento Mori, a psychedelic rock album which was released in vinyl only. This led to concerts and appearances in music festivals in Greece, a supporting act slot at the concert of Underground Youth in Athens in 2016 as well as performances abroad such as their participation in the Psychedelic Network Festival in Germany in 2017.

Along with Ren he composed music for Vangelis Liberopoulos’ short-film “Play” which won the first prize at the Drama short-film festival in September 2017.

Greggy K plays the guitar, the piano and the sitar and through his music career, he has participated in ocncerts of renown artists such as Merilyn Manson ,James, Suede, Kaiser Chiefs, Air, Garbage and Tori Amos.


"Get me to the world on time"