Why us?

We are a global company specializing in music synchronization while offering exceptional personalized services. Through our long and exclusive collaboration with Compact Disc Club, an independent record label renowned for its  distinctive compilation projects, we have gained a high level of expertise in consulting and music clearance & licensing, as well as valuable connections with quite a few record and publishing companies.

Over 15,000 tracks licenses with more than 500 companies, plus some of the most demanding music sync deals in advertising guarantee our flexibility and effectiveness in any sync project.

We collaborate with the world’s biggest recording and publishing companies (Sony Music, Warner Music, Universal Music Group, EMI, Warner/Chappell Music, EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group etc.), as well as the most important independent record labels.

These partnerships have enabled us to develop and offer valuable tools, knowledge, contacts and resources to all our clients.

We have completed some of the most demanding music licensing requests in the music industry.

Who we are.

We are a group of people coming from the music and advertising industries, capable of understanding your music needs via any brief in any format- even a simple idea or drawing. We always aim to go above and beyond your requests, with expected and sometimes surprisingly unexpected solutions. We perfectly understand and execute creative briefs, which is why many of our clients with in-house synchronization & music consulting departments, ask for our services.

Our highly skilled musicians can compose the perfect soundtrack for your product (advertisement, movie etc.). We collaborate with established and upcoming composers, bands and singers -with some of them exclusively- to create a unique composition or music solution based on the exact needs of your project.  Furthermore, we offer solutions for all kinds of budgets without compromising quality.

Our ability to offer personalized, 360o services and solutions makes us your ideal partner.

Ιn addition to the above, our music consultants have a vast knowledge of all music genres and are able to offer sync services at the highest level, even if it involves complicated music clearance and licensing for original songs, covers, adaptations in different languages etc. for any kind of media (TV, Internet, Cinema) and in any territory.

We also handle several production music catalogues -a valuable source for immediate solutions (pre-cleared music rights) at low prices- and we can even do the searching for you.